Shungite sphere with quartz 4 cm (1,57 inch)

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Healing, Eco-friendly

Handmade of whole shungit and quartz, electroconductive

Diameter: 4 - 4,8 cm (1,57 - 1,89 inch)



The shape of sphere plays a great role in the human life at all. Our planet is a sphere. The Sun and the smallest part such atom also have the shape of sphere. A sphere generates positive energy, and you can use it correctly.

The ball made of shungite and quartz has a perfect sphere shape. The minerals it’s made of add and enforce the properties of each other. This combination is a great energy accumulator. Because of curative properties it’s very useful to hold the ball in the hands and to roll it over. The ball has a good effect for its owner’s health and mind and putting the ball in the room will affect the other people too.

The positive effects of shungite and quartz ball

- Blood pressure normalizes;

- There is a sensation of mental comfort, dream improves, headache goes away;

- Burst of energy;

- Recovering processes increase.


If you put the ball in the room or office, you see that there were less conflicts.

When you put in your hand the shungite-quartz ball you immediately feel a burst of energy or, vice versa, calming – it depends on needs of the body. This effect is amplified when you use the ball for a long time. The longer you use it the better you feel. Moreover, quartz is a good prevention of lung diseases.

The ball 10 cm in diameter in the office will affects good all the people around it. It minimizes conflict situation, the communication gets better. 

Every ball made of quartz and shungite has its own unique colors and drawing, so, you will be the owner of exclusive thing.

The sphere of shungite with a diameter of 6-10 cm is placed on the desktop near the computer. 10-15 cm sphere will become a powerful generator of the healing energy of the whole office or apartment. 15-25 cm sphere will fit perfectly into the interior of the hall in the company building, and the energy of such a ball is enough to power the whole house. Put a small sphere of 3-5 cm in size in the glove box of the car or in a hiking backpack - so the useful energy of shungite will be with you throughout any journey.
Remember! When placing a sphere on a stand, the energy capacity increases!


Most frequent questions:

Question: What’s the difference between polished and unpolished shunghit sphere?

Answer: Their effect is the same. The polished ball is more aesthetically and it does not get dirty. But the unpolished one looks more naturally, the nature lovers will like it.

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