Polished shungite sphere 3 cm (1,18 inch)

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Healing, Eco-friendly

Handmade of whole shungit, electroconductive

Diameter:  3 - 3,8 cm (1,18 - 1,50 inch)

Weight: 0,2 lb (49 g)


The ball made of shunghit has a perfect shape. It is created by the nature. Shunghit’s properties are unique and magnificent. It is possessed of great energetic resource.

The shape of sphere plays a great role in the human life at all. Our planet is a sphere. The Sun and the smallest part such atom also have the shape of sphere. A sphere generates positive energy, and you can use it correctly.

The rolling over the shunghit ball in the hands speeds up the recovery processes of all the body. Curing of chronic diseases will be more effective. It’s known from the ancient times. Chinese soldiers used this method of recovering to speed up the process of battle wounds curing.

The ball made of shunghit put in your room or office will be a real protection from technical radiation. There are some gadgets in the every room – all of us have a computer, a TV, a microwave oven or a washing machine, so, the protection from the radiation is very important for everybody.

Shunghit is a very rare mineral. Its age is about 2 billion years. Because of its molecular structure (fullerens) it’s able to consume harmful radiation and negative energy. Also it emits in space positive energy. So the atmosphere around the shunghit ball is calm and friendly. The energy of shunghit affects people’s mind. There are no conflicts and quarrels, and people understand better each other.

The sphere of shungite with a diameter of 6-10 cm is placed on the desktop near the computer. 10-15 cm sphere will become a powerful generator of the healing energy of the whole office or apartment. 15-25 cm sphere will fit perfectly into the interior of the hall in the company building, and the energy of such a ball is enough to power the whole house. Put a small sphere of 3-5 cm in size in the glove box of the car or in a hiking backpack - so the useful energy of shungite will be with you throughout any journey.
Remember! When placing a sphere on a stand, the energy capacity increases!


Most frequent questions:

Question: What’s the difference between polished and unpolished shunghit sphere?

Answer: Their effect is the same. The polished ball is more aesthetically and it does not get dirty. But the unpolished one looks more naturally, the nature lovers will like it.

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Sphere diameter 2,8 - 3,7 cm/ 1,1 - 1,47 inch
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Polished shungite sphere 3 cm
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Диаметр сферы 2,8 - 3,7 cm/ 1,1 - 1,47 дюйм
Таможенное наименование:
Polished shungite sphere 3 cm (Shungite stone, no TM)

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