Set of harmonizer cylinders "For him and her"

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Healing, Protecting, Eco-friendly;


"For Him" cylinders size: 15x3 cm (3,94x1,18 inch)

"For Her" cylinders size: 15x3 cm (3,94x1,18 inch)

Saving - 5%

If you and your soulmate are passionate about meditation practitioners or just immerse yourself in this culture - the “For Him and for Her” set will help you advance.


Meditation is a way to expand your potential a little wider, to get closer to the higher mind and to find harmony between the intangible soul and the material body. It will help you settle your nerves, and for a couple – it is a great way to get even closer.

Large-sized cylinders are specially selected for men, and small – for women, because so many things depend on convenience and concentration during meditation practices.


The “For Him and for Her” set will also be an excellent gift for a couple keen on meditative practices.

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