Pyramid harmonizers polished 9 cm (3,54 inch)


Healing, Eco-friendly

Handmade of whole shungit, electroconductive

Lenghth of the base: 9 cm (3,54 inch)

Weight: 2,2 lb (1 kg)

Set of 2 pyramids


Nowadays we work hard every day. Our life is very speedy and intensive. Sometimes we have no possibility to spend any time alone with yourself, your thoughts and feelings. Imagine you are a magician and you can stop all the car engines, for example. You may create a great world: no queues in supermarket, no traffic jams and somebody pays all of your bills. Unfortunately, it’s impossible, but I have good news for you. We can correct our mind and mood without any magic – pyramids-harmonizers help us. They will be your little “ambulance” every day.

One of the pyramids circle is made of shunghit, it’s according to femininity, Moon and Yin energy. The other one is made of talcochloryde. It is a symbol of masculinity, Sun and Yang energy.

The combination of these materials is very powerful energy source. You need using harmonizers 10-15 minutes only for getting fresh and ready to work. Also the pyramids help you to get rid of fatigue, headache, nervous, to activate your mind, to feel better at all. The pyramids influence you by their energetic field. All the organs and systems work better, you feel healthy and wealthy.

The exercises with the pyramids are useful for everybody.


Why the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids? 

Pyramids were built in case of perfect proportions – so called golden section. These buildings are possessed of great torsion fields, so what there is a powerful protection from bad-energy attacks. People say that it’s a curse or “an evil eye”.

One of the most important things about shunghit pyramids is that they protect people from electromagnetic radiation.

Nowadays there are many different electronic gadgets around us. Digital technologies make our life better and easier, but many scientists speak about their damage for human organism. Our biofield is not able to resist bad influence of electromagnetic waves. May be next generation will be protected from radiation, but now it’s very dangerous.


We are influenced by electromagnetic radiation every day and everywhere: 

- Computers;

- Phones and other mobile gadgets;

- Appliances;

- Electrical wiring.


Enough high-density waves could break up the human energy field, so, you can feel bad in the room full of gadgets:

- Headache;

- Sickness;

- Bad mood, depression;

- Fatiguability.

 Different heart, brain and nerve diseases develop when the level of radiation is too high. Sometimes the waves may be a reason for cancer and other hard diseases.


We have got an experiment during investigation the properties of shunghit.

We took 3 parts of eggs. One part was influenced by high electromagnetic radiation without any protection. The other part was influenced too, but we put the shunghit pyramid near them. The third control part has been left without any harmful influence.

What about a result?

The part of eggs has been protected by shunghit pyramid gave the same result as the control part (without any influence): 70% chicks hatched. The third part – without protection from electromagnetic radiation – had a bad result: only 5 % of chicks hatched, the other dyed. So, we can see that shunghit really protected organisms from harmful waves.

We have another one method of checking the effect of the shunghit pyramids: put the pyramid near the electromagnetic radiation measuring device. When the pyramid is here, the device shows zero active.


How can you protect yourself and your family with the help of shunghit pyramid? 

You need put two or three pyramids in the room where some powerful gadgets and appliances have a place. It’s necessary to put the pyramids close to radiation point.

I have some pyramids in my home: two pyramids in every bedroom, two in the kitchen, one in the hall and one in the bathroom.

The most powerful points of radiation are ovens and microwave ovens, and also refrigerators. Computer and TV are also dangerous, because we spend much time in contact with it. The power of radiation is not so strong, but it influences us for a long time.

The shunghit pyramid must be on every computer table, because all our life today is connected with computer. Electromagnetic radiation is especially harmful for children and pregnant, so, they must be protected firstly.


You will feel better as soon as you begin using a pyramid:

- Your immune system will enforce;

- All the systems of organism will work better;

- Your efficiency will arise;

-You’ll stop suffering from insomnia.


The deposits of shunghit are located in Karelia, so, shunghit is not very popular in the USA. You have a great possibility to be the first who use it and tell other people about it.

Our company has already made more than 5000 shunghit pyramids.

Every pyramid is made by hand: we cut a pyramid form out a whole piece of shunghit, than the shape is made perfect also by hand only.


Most frequent questions:

Question: Can some people use one and the same set of harmonizers?

Answer: Harmonizers are in the mood with the energetic of their owner. Using balls by other people can reduce the energetic power.


Question: Why the pyramid made of steatite is always unpolished?

Answer: Steatite is not needed in polishing, because it doesn’t get dirty. Polished material gets black, so, we can mix it up with the shunghit.

Иностранные характеристики:
Set of 2 pyramids.base length ≈ 9 cm/ 3,54 inch; height ≈ 5,6 cm/ 2,21 inch
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Polished harmonizers pyramid 9 cm
Русские характеристики:
Набор из 2 пирамид. длина ≈ 9 cm/ 3,54 дюйм; высота ≈ 5,6 cm/ 2,21 дюйм

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