Polished bilateral massage pencil

1 100 Р
Item code: 20504


Healing, Eco-friendly

Handmade of whole shungit, electroconductive

Diameter ≈ 2 cm (0,79 inch)

Length ≈ 10 cm (3,94 inch)

Weight: 60 g (0,13 lb)


A pencil made of shungite is intended to influence active points with the help of massage, it is a very effective kind of influence on the body. It has been practiced for more than one century, such a massage improves the general state of health, many diseases are cured. Shungite rod for massage enhances the effect since shungite has medicinal properties.

The effects of massage with a shungite pencil:

- Relieve pain in the joints, back, legs and spine;

- Helps to get rid of migraines and relaxes the muscles;

- Will help to cope with high blood pressure;

- Will give ease of movement;

- Improve the overall health of the body;

- Relieve insomnia.

Shungite rod for home massage is perfect for those who do not have the opportunity to visit the massage room. Do massage, meditate and use shungite in everyday life, for the infusion of water and protection from electromagnetic radiation and you will forever forget about health problems!


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