Quartz 0,5-1 cm (0,19-0,38 inch) - (0,5 kg 1,1 lb)

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Healing, Eco-friendly

Stone size: 0,19-0,38 inch/0,5-1 cm

Price for: 1,1 lb/0,5 kg


Why using quartz is useful?

The main property of quatz is that it’s rich of silicon

Silicon is a very important element as a part of bones, skin, hair, connective tissue, thyroid, cornea and iris of eyes. A lack of silicon may be a reason of atherosclerosis, heart and brain attacks, diabetes, cataract, impotence, arthritis.


What else about quartz?

Quartz has a great lifting and anti-aging effect. Also it helps to keep health at all. The effect of quartz stops skin aging, increases microcirculation and brightness of skin color, activate cell renewal. All of these properties give powerful lifting effects.

Water infused by quartz can be compared with water from the cleanest mountain spring or with thawed ice water.

Nowadays there are many different natural expensive cosmetics contained quartz. If you don’t want to spend money for this, you can infuse water with quartz ad add it into your favorite creams and other cosmetics, or use it for washing. If you will do it every day all pimples will leave your face, the skin will be smooth.


The properties of the quartz water

- Metabolism improves;

- Circulation of the bloods improves, vessels become more elastic;

- Cell regeneration comes better, so, you recover after loads faster than before.

- Joints stop ache, their mobility improves,

- Because of good metabolism your weight will be normal

- Quartz water helps to get rid of chronic fatigue

- Quartz water has a great anti-aging effect and helps to smooth wrinkles


How to make quartz water?

        1. You need wash quartz crystals in clean water

        2. Put quartz in suitable container and fill with water in proportion 200 gr and 3 liters.

        3. You may drink water two days later.

        4. It’s necessary to put the quartz out and wash it once in two weeks.

        5. We recommend changing all the quartz once in 18 months.


Buy our quartz and be healthy and wealthy!


Most frequent questions:


Question: What difference between the quartz water and flint water?

Answer: Quartz is rich of silicon, but the concentration of the silicon is much more in flint. For making one dose of water you should use less flint than quartz. So, for enriching your organism with silicon it’s better to use flint water.


Question: May I cook with the quartz water?

Answer: Of course you may. Meal cooked on quartz water will be enriched by useful elements. The way water behaves is the same than it is boiled.


Question: May I infuse water on quartz and shunghit together?

Answer: It’s not a good idea. Time of infusing quartz and shunghit water is not the same (quartz – 2 days, shunghit – 8-12 hours). If you use water in shunghit time, quartz will be useless. If you wait for 2 days – the solution will be too concentrated, and it will be harmful.


Question: May I use the quartz water every day?

Answer: Of course you may. The quartz water is a good health resource for you for every day using.


Иностранные характеристики:
Size of the stone 0,5 -1 cm
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Quartz stone 5-10 mm 0,5 kg
Русские характеристики:
Размер камня 0,5-1 см

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