Silicium 5-10 mm (0,2-0,39 inch)

665 Р
Item code: 372-5


Price is for 1,1 lb/500 g

Stone size: 0,2-0,39 inch/5-10 mm

The main property of flint is that it’s rich of silicon.

Silicon is necessary for everybody for good health. Silicon is very important element as a part of bones, skin, hair, connective tissue, thyroid, cornea and iris of eyes. A lack of silicon may be a reason of atherosclerosis, heart and brain attacks, diabetes, cataract, impotence, arthritis.


Silicon daily allowance

Silicon daily allowance for adult is about 30-50 mg. It’s known that a person consumes about 3-5 mg of silicon with food and with drinking water, and 15 mg with breathing. At the same time 9 mg naturally are naturally excreted from the body.

A lack of silicon leads to:

- bone destruction;

- toothache;

- nails, hair and skin problems;

- arthritis and joints destruction;

- dysbiosis;

- atherosclerosis.


Scientists including American doctor G.Clark say that the lack of silicon provokes diabetes because of microorganisms which occupy intestine and spoil working or pancreas. They poison insulin and eat pancreas tissues. Silicon helps to protect pancreas and stop the destruction.


How to establish a balance of silicon in the body?

The easiest way to consume more silicon without any problems is infusing water on flint. The water will be enriched with silicon.


How to infuse the water?

  1. Put 1 oz. or 20-25 g of flint in the suitable container and fill the water (3 q. or 1 liter).

  2. Cover the container and wait 2-3 days for infusing

  3. After this time you can use the water for drinking and cooking.

You may use stones during 1,5 years. After the water will be infused, wash the stones in clean water.


After using flint water you will notice your skin, nails and hair get better and healthier, your joints are more mobile because of cells renovation. Flint water will be useful if you take chronic disease treatments at the same time. The water accelerates the effect of treatment and may be used as a prophylactic.


Drink good water – flint water!


Most frequent questions:


Question: May I use flint water every day?

Answer: Of course you may. The quartz water is a good health resource for you for every day using.


Question: May I cook with flint water?

Answer: Of course you may. Meal cooked on flint water will be enriched by useful elements. The way water behaves is the same than it is boiled.


Question: May I infuse water on flint and shunghit together?

Answer: It’s not a good idea. Time of infusing flint and shunghit water is not the same (flint – 2 days, shunghit – 8-12 hours). If you use water in shunghit time, flint will be useless. If you wait for 2 days – the solution will be too concentrated, and it will be harmful.

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