The Pharaoh cylinders polished 15x3 cm

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Healing, Eco-friendly


Height: 10 cm (3,94 inch)

Diameter: 3 cm (1,18 inch)

Weight: 1,08 lb (490 g)


«Pharaoh's cylinders» are two oblong cylinders. One of them is made of shunghit. It’s a symbol of femininity, Moon energy and Yin energy. The other one is made of talcochloryde, it is responsible for masculinity, Sun and Yang energy.


How the Pharaoh cylinders influence on human organism?

When I take the cylinders in my hands, I receive new energy from space. This energy pervades my body from head to feet, and activates the most important biologic points. Negative energy leaves my body, and positive begins moving. Receiving new positive energy is as important as ejection negative.

Positive energy streams moving help me to feel my intuition, harmony, to develop my own talents and abilities. Ejection of the negative energy helps to cure diseases and also depressions and bad mood.

So, one simple action makes a good effect for body and soul.


What effect I have from this “recharge”?

The procedure with Pharaoh’s cylinders makes me healthy and wealthy. I keep calm, not so emotional, I can catch positive emotions only, not negative ones. The cylinders give me the energy which is like a barrier from negative.


What else?

It’s a real fact that children who use the cylinders for so-called “recharge” study at school better. The elders can keep their mind clear and their body health at any age. Also many users of the harmonizers attract much attention of opposite sex: it means that their sexual energy also arises.


How to use the cylinders correctly?

I call this procedure “recharge” and do it once or twice a day. For recharge I use two cylinders. Take a cylinder made of shunghit in the left hand, and talcochloryde cylinder – in the right hand. Sit down on the sofa or something you like more, put the hands with cylinders on your knees. Don’t cross the legs! It will block streams of energy in your body. Close your eyes, relax and concentrate on your senses. During the procedure you may count from one to one hundred for concentrating better. Nothing should distract you.

If you will do the recharge every evening, you will feel better very soon. The procedure helps to get rid of irritation and other negative emotions, calm down before going to bed.

For and having tonus and good mood for all day, use harmonizers when you woke up. You may do the procedure about 7-15 minutes, it depends on your condition. If you need restore your vitality, you have to do the procedure longer than usually.

You may hold the cylinders differently. It depends on the purpose of exercise. If you want to tone up, you have to push the cylinders, hold it fast and use your fingers. If you want to relax, hold them gently.


Most frequent questions:


Question: What’s the difference between the small and the big cylinders?

Answer: It’s easy! Use big cylinders if you need real recharge. Big cylinders rules big streams of energy, they direct either positive energy or the negative. But small cylinders are more suitable for women or children, because their hands are smaller. Choose comfort size of cylinders for you. You shouldn’t feel any inconvenience.


Question: Can some people use one and the same set of harmonizers?

Answer: Harmonizers are in the mood with the energetic of their owner. Using cylinders by other people can reduce the energetic power.


Question: Why the cylinder made of steatite is always unpolished?

Answer: Steatite is not needed in polishing, because it doesn’t get dirty. Polished material gets black, so, we can mix it up with the shunghit.


Иностранные характеристики:
Set - polished shungite+soapstone cylinders: diameter ≈ 3 cm/ 1,18 inch; height ≈ 15 cm/ 5,91 inch;
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Polished harmonizers cylinders 15*3 cm
Русские характеристики:
Диаметр ≈ 3 cm/ 1,18 дюйм; высота ≈ 15 cm/ 5,91 дюйм; Внимание: изделия из талькохлорита, представленные в каталоге, не полируются, чтобы камень сохранил свой натуральный цвет

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