Tumbled stone polished 4-6 cm (1,57-2,36 inch) ~ 300 g

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Healing, Eco-friendly


Size of stone ≈ 4-6 cm (1,57-2,36 inch)

Weight: 300 g (0,66 lb)


The pellets (tumblers) from shungite have long been used in the field of SPA along with jade stones. Shungite has healing effects and it keeps the heat well. It has been proved many times how beneficially this stone affects the human body. Among other things, shungite has a powerful energy that can stabilize the energetic background of a person.


There are two ways of using pellets:

Passive massage.

The stones are heated to a certain temperature (for example, in hot water), and then placed on disturbing places, (for example, the waist) , allowing the stones themselves to do their work. At a temperature of 110 ° F (40 ° C), the pellet is capable of heating the body to 1 inch (almost 3 cm) inside. It is important that the temperature of the stones is as comfortable as possible – not too high and not too low.

For the action of pellets on biological points, largest ones are laid along the spine. This will help cure the ailments of the gallbladder, normalize the pancreas, help speed up the healing of the gastric ulcer. Putting pellets from shungite on the outer edge of the left collar bone or on the left shoulder and then covering with a towel you can remove weak pains in the heart and arrange the prevention of angina pectoris.

Will be very useful if the massaged one will take warm stones in both hands, so th energy will be better circulated throughout the body.

Active massage.

For ordinary massage medium-sized pellets are sufficient. Heat the stones and start pressing on some parts of the body, stroking and rubbing them with stones. Move from foot to face: start with the feet, then massage the lower leg, then the hips, hands, neck, and shoulders and at the end – neck and belly or back and waist.

Lubricate the body massaged with aromatic oil – this will add even more aesthetic pleasure.

Always keep several warm stones ready to replace them with chilled ones!


The positive impact of procedures with pellets:


- Assistance in the treatment of osteochondrosis;

- Getting rid of pain in muscles and joints;

- Improvement of blood circulation;

- Getting rid of nervousness, headache and insomnia;

- Removal of toxins from the upper layers of the skin;

- Normalization of blood pressure.


Arranging regular procedures with shungite pellets, after 5-10 sessions you will achive a noticeable effect: sleep will normalize, balance will improve, the body will recover faster from diseases and injuries, there will be a surge of new energy.


Most frequent questions:

Question: Are there any contraindications?

Answer: There are only 3 contraindications for performing procedures: pregnancy, skin diseases and diseases in which any massage is prohibited, such as bruises, fractures, internal injuries.

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