Shungite necklace with flat beads 5x7 mm

1 700 Р
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Healing, Protecting, Eco-friendly;

Handmade, Electroconductive

Beads size: 5x7 mm (1,97x2,76 inch)

Weight: 0,09 lb (42 g)


There are many bad things in our life such as loss of work, problems with money, health problems. Relationship with close friends or relatives may be broken. But nobody thinks about the real reasons.

Everybody has the one’s own energetic field. When it’s broken, we magnetize many different problems. People call evil eye things like this. Every person who has a strong energetic field can jinx us. They do it accidentally, for example it may be a splash of anger during a quarrel.

So called evil eye is known to mankind from ancient times. People always thought that it was witchcraft. Also different amulets and talismans are known, with the help of which people tried to protect themselves from devilry. But there is no any scientific explaining of the effect, only just mystic and magic.

We have done some research and we can propose to you a modern way of self-protection.

The shunghit necklaces are not only very stylish because of their deep black, but they are very effective protection for your energetic.

Shunghit works as a protection for your energy field because of unique structure. It consumes all the negative energy directed to you, so you feel better and your life changes.


Most frequent questions:

Question: How long may I wear my shunghit jewelry?

Answer: The longer you wear it than the effect is better for you. There are no any restrictions.

Иностранные характеристики:
Beads size 0,5*0,7 сm/0,195 *0,27 inch
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Beads polished pearls 5 * 7 mm
Русские характеристики:
Размер бусин 0,5*0,7 см
Таможенное наименование:
Beads on a thread (Shungite stone,no TM,no precious metals)

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