A keychain made of elite shunghit

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Healing, Protecting, Eco-friendly;


Stone size: 3 cm (1,18 inch)

Carbine 2 cm (0,79 inch)

Chain length ≈ 4 cm (1,57 inch)

Weight: 7 g (0,25 oz)


A keychain made of elite shunghit is a really unique thing. Such decoration occurs as rarely as brilliants! Elite shunghit contains about 98% of carbon and it is found in the one place in the world. The elite shunghit keychain affects the body very powerful because of the unique composition. It activates all the organs, tidies up nerves, helps to recover easier and cure the chronic diseases. Also it protects from the technical radiation.

From the ancient times people used different keychains, amulets and talismans to protect themselves from evil and dark forces. Nowadays human world outlook has been differed. Amulets and talismans are not so important and popular. But we always need some kind of protection from the negative energy.

The age of shunghit is about 2 billion years. All the time it accumulated energy from space. Shunghit Keychain stores in itself the force of this magic stone and transfers it to the owner.

The contact of the body and shunghit Keychain helps to increase the immune, to calm the emotions, to memorize more information and to increase the sexual energy.


Most frequent questions:

Question: How long may I wear my shunghit jewelry?

Answer: The longer you wear it than the effect is better for you. There are no any restrictions.

Иностранные характеристики:
Size of stone ≈ 3 cm/ 1,18 inch; carbine 2 cm/ 0,79 inch; chain length ≈ 4 cm/ 1,57 inch;
Название для зарубежного каталога:
Keychain elite schungite
Русские характеристики:
Размер шунгита 2-3 см; карабин 2 см; длина цепочки 4 см
Таможенное наименование:
KeyChain (Shungite stone, no TM, no precious metals)

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